"The Captain"

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Ahmad Butler

Received: 05/25/2009 - Returned: 11/3/2015

This is Ahmad “Captain Poodaman” Butler. On Wednesday, February 4, 2015 Ahmad (Mom named him Poodas) complained that his brain hurt. On Thursday, February 5, 2015 Ahmad had emergency surgery to remove a mass on his brain, later diagnosed as an Ependymoma of the brain (a rare form of brain cancer).

Although the surgery left Ahmad partially paralyzed on his left side, what he lost in feeling he gained in spirit. Ahmad constantly encouraged everyone he encountered with kind words and a warm smile. To deal with all that lied ahead of him he adapted to his alter ego, a self proclaimed kid superhero called, “Captaaaaaaaain Poodaman”.

Captain Poodaman was a brave superhero kid who always encouraged others and continued to smile through five surgeries, numerous chemo sessions, hair loss, radiation,a plethora of needles, countless hospital stays, physical therapy, home schooling, complete paralyzation, and unfathomed amounts of medication.

8 months, 26 days, 3 hours, and 21 minutes later AHMAD “CAPTAIN POODAMAN” BUTLER succumb to this horrible disease.

Throughout Ahmad’s fight our family encountered beautiful strangers, these amazing people restored our faith in humanity. Thus, creating a nonprofit organization to honor the life of Ahmad Butler by supporting Superhero Kids with cancer and other life threatening diseases, entitled Forever Captain Poodaman! The Ahmad Butler Foundation (ABF).