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  • Family Support Department (FSD)
  • ABF's Family Support Department has partnered with CORA to offer professional counseling services to children diagnosed with cancer, their parents or guardians, and their siblings. Counseling is a means to equip children with cancer and their families with coping mechanisms and assist them on how to endure this disease and its results together as a family.

    Understanding the various stages of childhood cancer and how to support the needs of the child with cancer and each other as a family is crucial. Therefore, at times individual counseling is needed, in addition to family counseling.

    In light of Covid-19 ABF Family Support Department and our partners will host ongoing virtual support groups and sessions, to give continued support to children battling cancer and their families. If you would like more information or want to volunteer and/or support this group please contact the Family Support Department

    Family Support Department (FSD)

    1 (866) 223-5485 EXT 106
  • Bereavement Department

  • Unfortunately, when supporting families have a child diagnosed with cancer sometimes that child succumbs to this horrible disease. This is when the Bereavement Department is needed the most. The loss of a child is such an unnatural occurence that, most of the time, parents are blindsided by it.

    ABF's Bereavement Department's primary focus is to help the family through this devastating transition. We do this by partnering professional grief counselors, religious groups and/or counselors of different denominations (to offer religious support), and local businesses willing to make donations to aid in final resting arrangements for the grieving families.

    Our support does not end there. Since the grief of a child is so astonishing, most people cannot fathom it! Therefore, the Bereavement Department and its partners will host ongoing group support sessions with families that have experienced the same trauma, for families in need of grief support. In light of Covid-19 sessions will be held virtually until it is safe to do otherwise.

    If you would like more information or to volunteer and/or support this group please contact the Bereavement Department

    Bereavement Department

    1 (866) 223-5485 EXT 2
  • Information About Childhood Cancer

  • Source: American Cancer Society